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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  October 16, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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lots 5 news this is "good day early call". juliet: good morning. sobering. murphy's magic helps the mets beat the dodgers, they move on to the national league championships year lease in israel, he was watching the game, the unusual player that has people talking this morning. ben: donald trump and ben curtis and usually don't see artaud but this morning there is one topic of which they agree and it could stop from from taking part in their next debate. juliet: police make an arrest and the mullahs of cocktail of take in midtown. very strange headline. you hear that voice?
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bring back memories? good to have you here. antwan: good to be with you. everybody is here. >> meteorologist: good morning, good to see you, happy friday. we are kind of in the same range. the antwan: a little fuller up top with the chest thing going on. juliet: as anybody -- antwan: how is the weather today? >> meteorologist: so it begins. happy friday. let's show you what is going on,
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as for the trains thing running on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules in effect. ben: juliet: we went to the first game of the season. antwan: i guess so. juliet: the mets and their fans
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morning for good reason. antwan: champagne was flowing after new york beat the dodgers to a dance to the national league championship series against the cubs. juliet: it was an unusual gain. duke: it was an intense game, before and every pitch, it was fun to watch, jacob the grum struck out 13 batters in 7 scoreless innings with daniel murphy, it goes down as the hero of last night's game, top of the first no score, daniel murphy at the plate, and i am telling you he is a free agent at the end of the year, what they going to do to this guy? hernandez has trouble, granderson comes in to score, murphy wise up on third and the mets are up 1-0, top of the fourth, this is not something you see every day in a big league, murphy notices, take off
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all the way from third because no one is there, it is out of two, it was a huge plus, top of the sixth, solo home run to right, is third of the series, matt billups 3-2, mets win it 3-2 and clinch the series, daniel murphy talks about it after the game. >> from the windup, anybody from the wind up you have an opportunity to get in rhythm with him. my first at the peak kind of his jeter jumps on news so much the first two surprised me so i could to get my foot down a little earlier so want to got to the stretch i just felt like get your feet on the earth or he will chew you up and spit you out. duke: he was pitching from the stretch, i didn't notice that at first, but when somebody asks about it, while. the mets are back in the and lc as for the first time since 2006, game 1 tomorrow night a:07 is revealed, more highlights
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cubs were 7-0 against the mets this year. that was a different team than the one we saw after the trade deadline so take fact into account. juliet: lamar odom spent a small nevada. all the information is starting to come out and it is so terrible. officials say the queen's maid of was that the law branch for four days, $75,000, apparently there's friction between chloe kardashian and the owner of the love french, she wants him to stop talking to the press because he has been out there, this publicity hound, but he says he is is protecting his business, no official word on his condition, he is reportedly staying on life-support. antwan: of murder suspect is recovering this morning.
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jose alvarez was shot once in the stomach last night and taken dagen said medical center. police say he is wanted for killing his estranged girlfriend and her son earlier this month. >> presented himself with a knife. there were a lot of police officers in a small kitchen area. one shot was fired to the abdomen area. i'm told that this time it is a non life threatening injury, he currently is in surgery at hackensack university medical center. antwan: two women arrested, alvarez was not in the building. >> another baby has died after being thrown out of a window. she dangle her 6-month-old baby out of the window yesterday afternoon. neighbors were watching, they were stunned, they say she was screaming before she dropped the child. the mother has not yet been charged. the little girl is the third child pro not a window in the past three months. antwan: please make an arrest and that most of cocktail
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attack. thomas miles of queens through a flaming bottle of liquid at a group of men on west 37th street was hurt. several charges included an did murder and felony assault. juliet: shall anymore about the candidates. donald trump is which, he has a lot of money. antwan: two contenders are thinking of not showing up for a presidential debate. antwan: good morning. >> reporter: part of the haggling over the next debate is over opening and closing statements. the candidates want them because they can't get their messages out uninterrupted. cnbc which is broadcasting the debates does not because of those statements take time away from the back and forth between candidates. on democratic side there is growing speculation that an announcement from vice president joe biden is imminent. joe biden jenna announce whether
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he is in very soon. that according to former delaware senator ted kaufman who is a close adviser. in an e-mail obtained by associated press that kaufman sent to democrats who worked for joe biden before he wrote if he decides to run we will need each and every one of you yesterday and. the e-mail is another piece of evidence that joe biden is seriously considering it. some have speculated hillary clinton's commanding performance at the first democratic debate might discourage the vice president from entering the race. joe biden was mum as reporters shouted questions before he met with south korea's thenpresident president with south korea's thenpresident president presidentpresident yesterday. the candidates who are already in the race disclosed how much money they raised in the three month ending september '32. hillary clinton lead with $28 million, bernie sanders close by end at $26 million with the republican side ben carson raised $20 million, joy.
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$13.4 million and ted cruz $13.2 million. republicans will next debate on october 28th but there's a chance the carson and donald trump may not be there. the two men have threatened to not show up if the debate is longer and two hours and if it does not allow for opening and closing statements. >> they want to make this an extra hour and i think it is unfair to the viewers because it is too much to watch and they want to make more money. >> take the feedback in consideration. in boulder, colorado. good to see you both. antwan: good to see you. ben: we can see some spotty showers.
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antwan: i did not but i did not bring this bad weather. antwan: mets fans celebrating a big win last night but get this. i was at my shop tied up with a customer when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it. when i got out it was almost closing time. traffic was bad. i knew i was cutting it close.
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start to the day, some showers flirting with us. to the northwest, showers holding together for you. monticello has 45 degrees, cloudy skies and rain working its way, you may get in on that action. but northern tier of the tristate, the northwest tyr in this section here nor there new jersey as well as the lower hudson valley, chances of rain not at at all but doesn't look like we are going to get a lot of it but some showers coming in, 56 your current temperature central park, 58 in bridgeport, 47 in poughkeepsie, here is why i am saying it looks suspicious, showers and pretty good stuff coming down near binghamton but we are seeing rain intensity back down here. expect a little bit of that holds together. a lot of clouds out there, shower chances going to be with us as we head into the morning commute. there's not a lot of moisture
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working with this cold front so as it comes on by we are not going to see a lot of rain but passing showers coming on for a. we have much cooler air, see what future cast brings, doesn't bring much at all. a few scattered showers, lights of to the northwest of the city, not even a problem here but again not out of the question to seat a few scattered light sprinkles here but the cool air keeps dumping down from canada. one shot after another of those cool air and that is wide temperatures are dipping into the 50s and lows dropping into the 30s. a few scattered morning showers and some sun in the afternoon, i temperatures 67, breezy and school and a little chilly, 56 for a high tomorrow, breezy, the load drops to 38 sunday morning, 36 monday morning, shocking
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awhile and then we see a slow gradual warmup, but this weekend is on a chilly side. there is the weather apps that the apple itunes store and live interactive radar, going to affect you this morning. ines: temperatures when we go out the door because it was really cold this morning. the commute looking good. traffic on the tappan zee bridge doing fine, no problems toward westchester, conn no problems on 95 northbound or southbound. let's take a look at the long island expressway by holbrooke road, was found eastbound traffic no problems, george washington bridge driving into the city upper and lower levels will good as well as lincoln, 495 no problems towards the tunnel and if you're taking the holland tunnel you are fine, trains on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules in effect
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city-wide. what is next to you? juliet: not happy talking about antwan lewis. the the uconn chef who tackled the so-called mack and cheese student says he forgives him to a point. >> jalapeno mac and cheese. antwan: i wonder what her mother says when he sees this. juliet: you can see ship bill mackay wrestling luke gatti to the floor. tx at his apology but believes he should still be expelled and even suggested he joined the military. luke gatti who is ashamed of is the year is facing charges and do in court next month. antwan: and alcohol treatment program.
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curtis is here. >> nothing good about this morning. juliet: the mets won last night. >> i need to be like donald protection? they're giving me grief out there. your right of free speech or something along that affect, i hate the mets, what is this, starting a new group here, met lives matter? juliet: don't you think it is a little image or the grown man of 61 years old has such vitriol for a baseball team? >> not just the team, the fans too. i hate them. i loaf of them. i despise them. look at that. you let me down, dodgers, guess what? the chicago cubs, can't go inside that. antwan: always in virginia
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>> you have to adopt the mets affect. mets lives matter here? obama of the body bag city, you were for them. juliet: they didn't make it into the playoffs. >> let me tell you, you can kiss my barney stone. you are facing the cubs. by the way did the mets beat the cubs a all this year? nothing. enjoy it now because all of a sudden you are going to be sitting shivah when the chicago cubs go on to the world series. juliet: a lot of mets fans will be happy if they go to the new york series. >> because met lives matter? become president of that organization? antwan: what happened at bill deblasio's town hall?
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>> they blew me out. at praise my appearances on "good day early call". why don't you bother reading the newspaper instead of doing your nails. the point being ladies and gentlemen, i show up in washington, the first town hall meeting in two years, doing us a favor as taxpayers and they throw me out but the dominicans behind me they won't get in because they haven't been invited. they won't have the proper paperwork. is the first time in new york city that dominicans, illegals have to have proper paperwork and bill deblasio in new york, they don't need any papers but to get into a town hall meeting you have to have an invitation, that is crazy. antwan: how did you get picked out? >> by showing up. went through the police checked point no problem. there was an overflow room, so many people, come on and thought
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to sit in the overflow and i will sit there and they put me out. can you imagine me? juliet: i can't imagine anyone wanting to do that. >> you can see the details. i hate you, i despise you. go cubs go. antwan: "the curtis and kuby show," 770. juliet: let's put a little breathing. screen it like you mean it.
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juliet: duke is here. duke: a great game, so in tense, absolutely crazy. game 5 winner-take-all, national league division ceres, let's show you what happened last night and daniel murphy, this is his game. the first no score, facing the best pitcher in baseball this
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year, he goes opposite way, it is 1-0 n.y. mets, bottom of the first dodgers get the run back, justin turner, remember he was not tendered after the 2013 season but nonetheless this is a big play in this game. he takes third when no one is looking, how about this year? the dodgers were getting a run in and that is justin turner, remember after 2013 he was on fire, goes the other way, rbi singer, daniel murphy in the sixth, game tied at two, unload solo home run, i was surprised by this they've, i really was. the right thing to do i guess, all worked out in the end, mitch
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win the game 3-2 to win this series. >> in the middle of summer, we were still in games, still win close games. >> that was the last thing i want to do going the been the first inning, to go out and give up the lead. after that i tried to calm down. was a little and up and tried to make my pitches. >> together in last night. it was pretty impressive. did not -- mets and chicago cubs go at it starting tomorrow night, national league championship series. they were bitter rivals the one point in the national league east, that rivalry tomorrow night, matt arby the starting pitcher tomorrow night, donna lester will take on, they have never faced each other in the post-season, the mets have come
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>> they are rocking to move the field to get back. obviously a day off tomorrow. duke: the cubs announced addison russell will miss all of the national championship series because of an injured hamstring stretch in a double into a triple in the fourth inning monday night in game 3, russell was replacing the lineup by xavier baez who clinched the game 4 on tuesday. the cubs were 7-0 against the mets in the regular-season. kansas city royals, tour until blue jays, plenty of fireworks jays, plenty of fireworks in the lc s. those dustups have been forgotten, emotionally charged atmosphere means there could be some quick tempers in the
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